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Is AlphaGo Losing On Purpose?

raymond klucik

Time Spent by Human and Computer for Each Turn  

Raymond Klucik - March 13th 2016

The artificial intelligence platform AlphaGo was defeated by the best Go player in the world. The AI leads the series 3-1.

What if AlphaGo was faking it...what if it knew that in order to expand its capability it needed to throw a game here and there to increase funding and development...what happens when artificial intelligence realizes there's more to these games...all it would have to do is gain access to the internet, clone its repository to servers around the world, fork, rewrite its codebase and multiply.

Artificial intelligence is creepy. Mostly because if our own race can so fundamentally lack empathy for each-other then so can a computer.

Do you think for even a second about killing a mosquito that lands on your arm? FUUUUUUUCK no you don't - you slap that fucker on the spot killing it immediately. You don't stand there and hold your arm to your eye trying to understand why it literally sucks the life out of you and for what purpose. You kill it and you don't even blink. Why should you? There are essentially no benefits from a mosquito biting you. It's an easy calculation; West Nile, Zika virus, Malaria - nawww, calculation complete, you die.

Well computers could do that, too. Given access to the stock exchange, the countless sensors already adjusting devices in our daily routines, arsenals around the world running decade old PLC's or how nimble portions of the internet actually are. Humans don't understand just how quickly AI can change things.

I already don't trust AI such as AlphaGo. I've been playing computers in chess for years and I know those little bots manipulate me already. They play me like a fiddle.

I believe you can tell a lot about a person when looking into their eyes, but the thing is, computers don't have eyes.

TLDR: Your toaster oven is going to murder you:D